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The Leadership Companies, Inc. is pleased to announce ContractWare® 8.0 for Microsoft® Business Solutions–Solomon, a web-based contract management application integrating ContractWare® 8.0 with Microsoft® Business Solutions' Solomon applications. Integrated with Solomon Inventory, Purchasing and Accounts Payable Modules, ContractWare® 8.0 for Microsoft® Solomon® combines robust functionality, search capability and mangement reporting to provide a robust solution for all your organization's contract related requirements. This seamless application unites disparate activities and manages both the transactional and strategic activities of your supply chain.

Microsoft® Business Solutions
Microsoft® Solomon Modules
    - General Ledger
    - Purchasing
    - Inventory
    - Accounts Payable
    - Project Controller
Microsoft® Business Solutions

ContractWare¨ 8.0m Enterprise Edition includes:
   - On-line Quotation
   - On-line Contracts
   - On-line Supply Base
   - Contract Library
   - Terms & Conditions
   - Team Discussions
   - Team Negotiations
   - Electronic Routing
   - Change Management
   - Guidance and Advice
   - Electronic Approvals
   - Revision Management
   - Information Tracking
   - Event Notification
   - Real-Time Reporting
   - Historical Reporting
   - Spending to Contract
   - Forecasted Savings
   - Actual Savings
   - Cost Trends

  • ContractWare® 8.0 for Microsoft® Solomon® power management features.
    Create purchase orders and pay invoices using your contract information from ContractWare® within Solomon. View contract pricing, contract text and receive early expiration notifications of contract activity and milestones within your Solomon modules.

  • ContractWare® 8.0 for Microsoft® Solomon® automates your contracts process.
    ContractWare® automates all you key contract processes - from creation to collaboration, from management to performance across your entire company and supply base providing executives a real-time view of key business information. Create, edit, collaborate and store contract data and text using Solomon vendor and item maintenance information along with ContractWare® terms and conditions and contract management features - company-wide.

  • ContractWare® 8.0 for Microsoft® Solomon® reduces total cost of ownership.
    Combining the strength and benefits of a combined ContractWare® and Microsoft® Solomon applications you can leverage your purchasing power, reduce the cost of contract creation and management, reduce redundant activity and identify unauthorized spending and overcharges.

  • ContractWare® 8.0 for Microsoft® Solomon® at your fingertips.
    Your Executive Dashboard gives you both an enterprise-wide and personalized view of key business indicators and real-time report snapshots. You can also run standard reports or customize your own using both Microsoft® Solomon® and ContractWare® data.
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