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This Series was developed for our Alliance Partner, The Institute for Supply Management (ISM),to provide the framework and processes for implementing Best Practices in Supply Management.

Institute for Supply Management Certified

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Purchasing Audit and Performance (1 Day)

Location: On-site    Cost Per Student: $795.00

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This course is designed for those who are responsible for designing and implementing a new Purchasing and Supply entity, and for those who wish to advance their current Purchasing organization to a new level.

This course is rigorous and demanding. This is by design. If your Purchsing function is to make fundamental contributions to your company, it must be measured to a minimum industry standard level and ideally to world class levels. The course will include extensive review and understanding of standard self-test questions.

ISM Certified - Earn 7 Continuous Education hours

You Will Learn

  • How to assess your Purchasing and Supply environment and overall management of the function. Included is coverage of organization objectives, policies and procedures, training and development, along with systems and information strategies.
  • Processes on how to evaluate your contracts and supplier management processes, emphasizing the thoroughness which supplier agreements are established and managed, included is contract planning, supplier qualification and selection, contract negotiation and contract management.
  • To appraise your Purchsaing operations, dealing with the processes employees in requisitioning, issuing and managing purchase orders along with emphasis on software and controlling material at a supplier's site, use of contract workers and others.

    Who Should Attend
    Purchasing and Supply Management directors, Finance, auditors, managers, supervisors, buyers, associates and others who are responsible for, or who play a role in the establishment, development and continual improvement of the Purchasing and Supply Management function within your company.

    On-Site Training
    Our training modules are delivered on a site of your choosing. By doing so, it presents savings to your organization, and can easily fit your work schedule.

    Class Size
    Minimum students 10.

    Our programs are taught by instructors who are acknowledged experts in communication and course content.

    Certification Number
    All of The Leadership Companies' courses in our integrated program have been certified by the Institute for Supply Management (formerly NAPM), and bear their certification number on our course material. Students who attend and complete our certified courses will have those credits applied toward their C.P.M. certification.

    Travel Not Included
    The price of our training modules do not include the price of travel and related expenses associated with it. Those costs will be borne by our clients.

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