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"Leadership Companies adds Environmental Services to its ContractWare Library"

New York, NY

The Leadership Companies has added Environmental Services to its ContractWare® Library. ContractWare®, the company says, "takes business and legal risk out of creating solid supplier agreements." A workbook of comprehensive contracts, written by legal and industry experts. ContractWare® addresses major issues and commodities with contract templates that can be immediately put to use or customized to meet unique requirements.

Environmental services are an essential part of many purchasing operations-disposing of hazardous and non-hazardous materials, reclaiming scrap and salvage, or maintaining the facility and its environment. In addition, it's important for buyers to put in place business and legal protections for situations in which suppliers use a buyer's proterty, perform services against a customer's contracts, or purchase goods and services against other supplier contracts.

Included in the module are contacts for hazardous waste removal, property disposal, and reclamation services; use of property; electronic payment; electronic trading partner; hold harmless; and non-disclosure agreements.

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