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Purchasing Policy and Business Management (BM-80004-0800)

The Leadership Companies' Assessment Program for Purchasing Policy and Business Management will examine the prevailing corporate policies that are in place as they correlate to the work activities and decisions relevant to the procurement process, and they include:

  • Documentation of policies relative to supplier relationships and the procurement of materials and services.

  • Responsibilities of persons involved with the procurement process and how the processes are being followed.

  • Cost-effectiveness of the Purchasing processes and tools.

    This program will enable a company to measure the strength of sound controls over the entire Purchasing process and in turn evaluate the effectiveness of control and accountability.

    Each evaluation will be completed over a four to six week time frame. The result is a personalized manual that is customized with your company name, terminology and culture used throughout the entire document. All assessments are integrated with existing business policies and practices within the enterprise.

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