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Leadership Best Practice Program (BM-80001-0800)

Clients seek our help to review the major activities in their Supply Management Organization, and evaluate how the business operates in the way in which it delivers value to its customers. We assess what process alterations are needed to improve performance by asking practical questions, leading competent teams and establishing an organizational environment that empowers change. Our goals are long term relationships with our clients, yet each of our assessments generally takes between six to eight weeks from start to handing our finished product to our customer.

Our process professionals understand the interactions that constitute a business. They analyze how these processes work and use them to add significant value and innovation to a client. Taking industry best practices, our approach is to apply them to the supply management organization thereby leveraging them to provide a sustainable competitive advantage for our clients.

The Leadership Companies understands that the cornerstone of modern supply chain management is primarily in the area of process excellence. We assist our clients in changing outcomes to create substantial value for their customers. Our prime areas to achieve this level of excellence in supply management are focused in the following work domains:

  • Supply Management
  • Skills & Training
  • Business Practices and Policies
  • Contracting Process
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Information Technology
  • Performance Metrics

    A comprehensive report outlining the strengths and areas in need of focus as compared to best in class companies throughout the world. It's what The Leadership Companies is all about: Experience, Integrity, High Performance Capability, and a customer value mindset.
  • Supply Management Environment
    We assess how the supply management function operates, and the way in which it provides value to the business.

    Skills and Training
    We review the effectiveness of the skills, knowledge and abilities of personnel needed to support the supply management function.

    Business Practices and Policies
    We appraise the policies that are in place to determine if they are within the best practice standards of best-in-class companies.

    Contracting Process
    We evaluate the processes used to initiate and manage contracts coupled with the terms and conditions associated with such legal commitments.

    Terms and Conditions
    We weigh the terms and conditions used by our clients to assure compliance and overall consistency with contracts and purchase orders they generate.

    Information Technology
    We critique the information systems, including primary applications used to support the purchase function activities and analyze how they integrate into the current business model.

    Performance Metrics
    We examine the effectiveness of the quantifiable and qualitative measurements for a business that can be verified accurately and directly against predicted criteria.

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