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Leadership On-Line Agreements
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e-tool® Purchasing Agreements

"Comprehensive Purchasing Agreements for Specific Products and Services"

The e-tool® on-line Agreements are provided electronically to your email address in an Abobe® .pdf format for your immediate use.
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e-tool® Agreement Title -       Click to Order          SKU       Price
Advertising Services EA-60001-0100      $60.00
Air Transport Services EA-60002-0100      $60.00
Assemblies Manufacturing EA-60003-0100      $60.00
Background Investigations EA-60004-0100      $60.00
Basic Capital Equipment EA-60005-0100      $60.00
Basic Components and Subassemblies EA-60006-0100      $60.00
Basic Contract Manufacturing EA-60007-0100      $60.00
Basic Facilities Services EA-60008-0100      $60.00
Computer Hardware Products EA-60009-0100      $60.00
Components and Sub-Assemblies EA-60010-0100      $60.00
Consultant Services EA-60011-0100      $60.00
Copier Equipment and Maintenance Services EA-60012-0100      $60.00
Courier Transport Services EA-60013-0100      $60.00
Customs Broker/Freight Forwarder Services EA-60014-0100      $60.00
Custodial Services EA-60015-0100      $60.00
Direct Marketing Services EA-60016-0100      $60.00
Electronic Sweeps Services EA-60017-0100      $60.00
Electronic Payment EA-60018-0100      $60.00
Electronic Trading Partner EA-60019-0100      $60.00
Elevator Maintenance Services EA-60020-0100      $60.00
Equipment Maintenance Services EA-60021-0100      $60.00
Fabrication Manufacturing EA-60022-0100      $60.00
Facility Security Services EA-60023-0100      $60.00
Freight Payment Services EA-60024-0100      $60.00
Hazardous Waste Removal Services EA-60025-0100      $60.00
Hold Harmless EA-60026-0100      $60.00
Hotels EA-60027-0100      $60.00
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Services EA-60028-0100      $60.00
Joint Development EA-60029-0100      $60.00
Landscaping Services EA-60030-0100      $60.00
Logistics Management EA-60031-0100      $60.00
Mailroom Services EA-60032-0100      $60.00
Material handling Equipment EA-60033-0100      $60.00
Motor Transport Services EA-60034-0100      $60.00
Mutual Non-Disclosure EA-60035-0100      $60.00
Non-Disclosure EA-60036-0100      $60.00
Ocean Transport Services EA-60037-0100      $60.00
Office Furniture and Set-Up Services EA-60038-0100      $60.00
Office Supplies Services EA-60039-0100      $60.00
Overnight Transport Services EA-60040-0100      $60.00
Packaging EA-60041-0100      $60.00
Packaging Services EA-60042-0100      $60.00
Pre-Employment Background Investigation Services EA-60043-0100      $60.00
Printing Services EA-60044-0100      $60.00
Procurement Charge Card Services EA-60045-0100      $60.00
Process Equipment and Services EA-60046-0100      $60.00
Property Disposal Services EA-60047-0100      $60.00
Public Relations Services EA-60048-0100      $60.00
Rail Transport Services EA-60049-0100      $60.00
Raw Material EA-60050-0100      $60.00
Reclamation Services EA-60051-0100      $60.00
Rental Cars EA-60052-0100      $60.00
Repairs Manufacturing EA-60053-0100      $60.00
Roofing Systems and Maintenance Services EA-60054-0100      $60.00
Semiconductor and Integrated Circuits EA-60055-0100      $60.00
Snow Removal Services EA-60056-0100      $60.00
Software Demonstration License EA-60057-0100      $60.00
Software Development License EA-60058-0100      $60.00
Software Distribution License EA-60059-0100      $60.00
Software Evaluation License EA-60060-0100      $60.00
Software Internal Use License EA-60061-0100      $60.00
Source Code Escrow EA-60062-0100      $60.00
Telecommunication Services EA-60063-0100      $60.00
Temporary Employment Services EA-60064-0100      $60.00
Travel Agency Services EA-60065-0100      $60.00
Travel Charge Card Services EA-60066-0100      $60.00
Use of Contract Letters EA-60067-0100      $60.00
Use of Property EA-60068-0100      $60.00
Van Lines Motor Transport Services EA-60069-0100      $60.00
Warehousing Services EA-60070-0100      $60.00

ISM Members Note: etool® Agreements are exclusively available for ISM Members for $55.00 from the Institute for Supply Management

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