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ContractWare® 8.0

Enterprise Solution

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The Leadership Companies, Inc. is pleased to announce ContractWare¨ 8.0, the first cost-effective, web-based enterprise solution for commercial industry, to offer a complete electronic life cycle application for contract management. Combining robust functionality, search capability and management reporting. Allowing you to unite disparate activities and departments with one solution. ContractWare¨ is quick to deploy, easy to use, and flexible enough to support all your contract requirements. ContractWare¨ provides our customers with an unbeatable total cost of ownership and immediate return on their investment.

ContractWare¨ 8.0 includes:
   - On-line Quotation
   - On-line Contracts
   - On-line Supply Base
   - Contract Library
   - Terms & Conditions
   - Team Discussions
   - Team Negotiations
   - Electronic Routing
   - Change Management
   - Guidance and Advice
   - Electronic Approvals
   - Revision Management
   - Information Tracking
   - Event Notification
   - Real-Time Reporting
   - Historical Reporting
   - Spending to Contract
   - Forecasted Savings
   - Actual Savings
   - Cost Trends

  • ContractWare® 8.0 at your fingertips.
    Your Executive Dashboard gives you both an enterprise-wide and personalized view of key business indicators and real-time report snapshots. You can also run standard reports or customize your own.

  • ContractWare® 8.0 power management features.
    You'll be able to "real-time" create and customize documents, on-line and electronically route them to team members for review or approval and be able to manage changes and revisions for each document.

  • ContractWare® 8.0 reduces total cost of ownership.
    As a web-based, hosted solution, ContractWare¨ significantly reduces your total cost ownership. There is no software to install, no hardware to purchase and maintain. Our team of IT professionals manages your maintenance, support, and upgrades at our data center. As a result, you can focus on managing your supply base.

  • ContractWare® automates your contracts process.
    ContractWare¨ automates all you key contract processes - from creation to collaboration, from management to performance across your entire company and supply base providing executives a real-time view of key business information.

  • ContractWare® 8.0 anytime, anywhere to all your users.
    Highly customizable to fit your needs. You can define custom information you want to track related to any product, service or supplier. You can standardize your contract templates, define new forms, terminology, reports and how the application looks or link it directly to your website.

  • ContractWare® superior performance for an affordable price.
    Built from the ground up for growing enterprises, ContractWare¨ offers affordable pricing, accelerated implementation and comprehensive support that yields unbeatable total cost of ownership and immediate return on investment.

    Find out more: Contact The Leadership Companies, Inc. at 978-264-2900.

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