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Communicating for Results (TR-70020-0700)

A proven method to effectively handle communication challenges in the workplace.

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The Challenge
In today's work environment, we all need to do more with less. Resolving and eliminating conflict, communicating effectively, and successfully managing teams are key to meeting fast-paced business demands. Conflict can be costly to organizations, affecting morale and the bottom line.

The Solution:
Communicating for Results This two-day seminar will teach you effective ways to improve productivity, build and manage self-directed teams, enhance communication and resolve conflict. Attendees will learn a proven method for understanding human behavior, how and why people are motivated, and behavioral needs that make individuals unique!

Course Content:
Communication and Relationships - Understanding Why People Do What They Do
How to successfully communicate with your employees, peers, and management team.

Conflict Management and Working With Teams - What Gets Us Into Conflict
How to remove conflict and successfully manage teams.

Upon completion of this course, particpants will be better able to:

  • Build and restore relationships
  • Build self-directed work teams
  • Build rapport and gain trust
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase understanding of communication styles
  • Resolve and control conflicts
  • Handle "difficult" people
  • Reduce job stress and tension
  • Communicate more effectively

    Who Should Attend?
    Professionals who must successfully collaborate and communicate with others - co-workers, subordinates, customers, vendors, supervisors, etc. - to successfully complete the requirements of their job.

    Course Outline:

    Communication and Relationships - Day 1
    How to successfully communicate with your employees, peers and management team

    1.  Introduction
    2.  Your Public, Private and Perceived Self
    3.  Personality Behavior - Group Exercise
    4.  Understanding Others
         * Principles, Characteristics and Tendencies
    5.  Clues and Cues for Understanding People
    6.  A New Way To Read - Group Exercise
    7.  Round Table

    Conflict Management and Working With Teams - Day 2
    How to remove conflict and successfully manage teams

    1.  Introduction
    2.  Conflict Resolution Styles
         "The Thumb War"
    3.  Group Exercise
    4.  Conflict Resolution Processes
         Think, Listen, Cooperate
    5.  How To Successfully Manage Teams
    6.  How To Remove Conflict
    7.  Round Table

    Our programs are taught by certified Behavioral Consultants who are acknowledged experts in communication and course content.

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    All of The Leadership Companies' courses in our integrated program have been certified by the Institute for Supply Management (formerly NAPM), and bear their certification number on our course material. Students who attend and complete our certified courses will have those credits applied toward their C.P.M. certification.

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    The price of our training modules do not include the price of travel and related expenses associated with it. Those costs will be borne by our clients.

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