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City of Chicago

Chicago, IL

The Leadership Companies, Inc., the leading provider of products and services for Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, announced today that the City of Chicago has chosen PurchaseWare® as its web-enabled software application to help streamline and transform the City’s procurement processes, and provide its users with the ability to create, manage and store contracts, quotations and other documents used in all its business activities.

PurchaseWare® presents to the City an application that will not only improve the overall efficiency of the procurement processes, but ultimately provide them with an opportunity to improve productivity for the services they contract for the City of Chicago.

"It is a major step in the direction of best practices for supply base management", stated Leadership’s John P. Mahoney, Chief Operations Officer. PurchaseWare® places at their control, the decisions support information required to best manage supplier performance, and buttress the City of Chicago’s business strategies. Mahoney further noted: "With this application it also enables operational effectiveness to free up management time to develop service strategies that create opportunities for improved business processes, lower costs, and lends to organizational effectiveness."

David E. Malone, Chief Procurement Officer for the City of Chicago stated that: "For the first time, this software application will enable the City to oversee and control the total flow of contracts in a more effective manner. By implementing this system it will also give us a chance to compress the time cycle to initiate and process the hundreds of contracts we issue on an annual basis. It is my aim that this application is merely the beginning of an overall model that sets us apart from other major municipalities in how we originate and render effective business for the constituency that we serve in our City."

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