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Contract Development and Management (BM-80002-0800)

A program designed to assess the thoroughness of the contracting process that Supply personnel can use to develop and implement in their contract management plan. Our series of steps will evaluate the processes used from the intial phase of analyzing the requirements through to managing the contract.

The Leadership Companies Contract Development and Management process will enable employees to move through the process as rapidly as a given situation may dictate, or take a more measured approach to an especially complex or high risk, high value contract. Through the Assessment Process clients will:

  • Gain an understanding of the current written or implied contracting process as described by both management and contract negotiators.

  • Comprehend the contract demand drive as it relates to customer demands.

  • Evaluate the process for enhancements to improve cycle time and manage the contract outcomes.

    Each evaluation will be completed over a four to six week time frame. The result is a personalized manual that is customized with your company name, terminology and culture used throughout the entire document. All assessments are integrated with existing business policies and practices within the enterprise.

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