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"Achieving Excellence in Resource Development"
This Series was developed for our Alliance Partner, The Institute for Supply Management (ISM),to provide the framework and processes for implementing Best Practices in Supply Management.

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Achieving Excellence in Supply Management

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Location: On-site     Cost Per Student: $1495.00

The focus of this 2-day seminar is Best Practices in supply management with an emphasis on strategic alliances, team development, communication skills, conflict management and negotiation skills and tactics. This seminar is designed to provide attendees with the skills, tactics, and tools to implement supply strategies both internally and externally.

This course is highly interactive, incorporating Best Practices, case studies, simulated negotiations, team building and conflict management strategies. It is designed to help participants understand the importance and dependency of creating and managing successful relationships, both internally and externally. This seminar is based upon the new business models of outsourcing, contract manufacturing, and services, which require new skills in order to compete in the global marketplace and to earn the confidence and trust their company has placed in them.

ISM (Institute of Supply Management) Certified - Earn 14 Continuous Education hours

Course Outline:

1.0  Introduction
     * Strategic Relationships - Observations
     * Supply Management - Trends
     * Communicating Styles

To communicate your company's goals, objectives and values as well as trends in Supply Management based upon the outsourcing business models. In addition, new skills are taught in identifying your communication style and how to adapt to other styles to make a relationship successful.

2.0  Supplier Relations - Types
     * Traditional
     * Mainstream
     * Leadership

To identify the need to migrate from traditional relationships and a commodity focus to more strategic relationships where the success of the company is determined by the ability to manage a strategic supplier.

3.0  Supply Management Professionals
     * Characteristics
     * Skills and Attributes

To educate on the new skills needing to be adopted or refine existing skills to ensure the supplier is professionally and successfully managed and motivated. Identify the roles and responsibilities to exhibit.

4.0  Best Practices
     * Source/Price Qualification
     * Supplier Financial Evaluation
     * Supplier Value Index

To review the need to do more extensive research into supplier selection and justification especially in the area of better financial evaluations and impact to earning per share.

5.0  Conflict Management and Working with Teams
     * Tools, Tactics, Strategies
     * Case Study and Group Exercise

Identify the types of teams that can be developed and the best for managing a successful relationship. How to identify conflict and manage or avoid it through new techniques and skills.

6.0  Strategic Alliances
     * Definitions
     * Why They Fail

Define what is meant by Strategic Alliance and how they operate successfully and what causes them to fail.

7.0  Performance Metrics (personalized)

This section of the seminar is personalized for your company on the current and future metrics used to measure a supplier's performance.

8.0  The Law - Impact on Alliances

To review United States specific laws that apply to the Supply Chain. Emphasis on the impact alliances could have that are not present in traditional relationships.

9.0  Contract Development and Management
     * Contract Process - Overview
     * Agreement Types - Content Review

To present a contracting process consistent with the operating norms of your company while incorporating best practices which have been successfully implemented in other companies.

10.0   Negotiations
     * Essentials for an Agreement
     * Case Study - Team Negotiations
     * Utilization of Skills, Tactics, Strategies

To educate on the preparation needed to conduct a successful negotiation, how to develop strategies and avoid barriers for success and resolution and the five essentials for agreement. The seminar concludes with a simulated negotiation with the instructor taking on the role as the supplier.

Our programs are taught by instructors who are acknowledged experts in communication and course content.

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All of The Leadership Companies' courses in our integrated program have been certified by the Institute for Supply Management (formerly NAPM), and bear their certification number on our course material. Students who attend and complete our certified courses will have those credits applied toward their C.P.M. certification.

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The price of our training modules do not include the price of travel and related expenses associated with it. Those costs will be borne by our clients.

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