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"Achieving Excellence in Resource Development"
This Series was developed, to provide the framework and processes for implementing Best Practices in Supply Management.

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"Organizational Excellence" Resource Skills and Development
(1 Day)    (TR-70009-0700)

Location: On-site    Cost Per Student: $995.00

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The Resource Skills and Development course details the skills and knowledge needed by Purchasing professionals to do their jobs and is designed to help:
  • Identify the skills necessary for a specific job as you may hire employees with the required entry skills
  • Develop career paths and development plans for newly hired as well as current employees
  • Develop training plans for your employees

    ISM Certified - Earn 7 Continuous Education hours

    You Will Learn
    This course is divided into three major areas:

  • Information on how the Purchasing Skills Matrix is organized
  • Why it was developed
  • How to use it (including examples, exercises, and answers). The comprehensive listing of skills is listed by job levels.

    Who Should Attend
    Senior executives, Purchasing managers, Purchasing supervisors, and anyone else who has responsibility for Purchasing activities, compliance or fiduciary accountability.

    On-Site Training
    Our training modules are delivered on a site of your choosing. By doing so, it presents savings to your organization, and can easily fit your work schedule.

    Class Size
    Minimum students 10.

    Our programs are taught by instructors who are acknowledged experts in communication and course content.

    Certification Number
    All of The Leadership Companies' courses in our integrated program have been certified by the Institute for Supply Management (formerly NAPM), and bear their certification number on our course material. Students who attend and complete our certified courses will have those credits applied toward their C.P.M. certification.

    Travel Not Included
    The price of our training modules do not include the price of travel and related expenses associated with it. Those costs will be borne by our clients.

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