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This Series was developed for our Alliance Partner, The Institute for Supply Management (ISM), to provide the framework and processes for implementing Best Practices in Supply Management.

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Contract Development, Negotiation and Management

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Location: On-site     Cost Per Student: $1195.00

The focus of this 2-day seminar is to provide the participants with a framework and foundation for contract negotiations and management with emphasis on strategic relationships, outsourcing, contract manufacturing, performance, flexibility and cost opportunity. It provides the participants with a "Roadmap" and a step-by-step process for all types of supplier agreements, from analyzing the reqiurements, to source selection and negotiations, to developing and implementing the contract management plan.

This course is highly interactive, incorporating Best Practices textbooks, case studies, simulated negotiations, team building and conflict management strategies, designed to help participants to achieve excellence in contract management..

ISM Certified - Earn 14 Continuous Education hours

Course Outline:

1.0  Best Practices in Contract Management
     * Developing the Contract Plan

Establishing a sound and successful contract begins with a clear understanding of who your buiness partner is, the specific Legal Business and Technical requirements as well as the scope, schedule and budget. By placing this in a contract plan will provide structure and control over the entire process.

2.0  How to Recognize and Manage Conflict

Inherent in this type of process and team effort is a high degree of potential conflict. This section helps you identify when conflicts are in place and the techniques to avoide or minimize the efforts.

3.0  Conflict Management Strategies

The unique strategies of conflict management such as verbal and nonverbal communications are taught to move beyond various conflicts.

4.0  Techniques in Managing a Contract Team

The success of the contract will be greatly influenced by your ability to know how to build a team, establishing an environment for motivation, establish working norms, and how to coordinate everyone's activity.

5.0  How to Analyze Suppliers and Quotations
     * Understanding the Supply Base
     * Selecting the Right Supplier

An essential part of the contract process is to know how to put together a complete Request for Quotation/ Proposal that will ask the potential supplier for enough information for your team to make an infomred decision on the best supplier. In addition, how and when to establish the selection criteria is reviewed.

6.0  Selecting the Appropriate Contract
    * Critical Terms and Conditions

Prior to issuing a Request for Quotation/Proposal, you need to be sure you have selcted the appropriate template and included all corresponding terms and conditions that you will need the supplier to acknowledge as part of their Quotation/Proposal response.

7.0  How to Prepare for a Successful Negotiation

The success and efficiency of the contract and its related negotiation is dependent ypon how well prepared you are to negotiate. You will be taught how to construct a negotiation plan and how to establish the appropriate logistics for the negotiation.

8.0 How to Conduct and Close a Negotiation

Using the planning and conflict management skills plreviously reviewed, you will discuss how to conduct yourself, your team and achieve a win/win consensus with the supplier

9.0  Simulated Team Negotiations

Unique to this seminar, is the opportunity to put the learning into action by conducting a negotiation with the instructor(s) acting as a supplier.

10.0 Contract Implementation

Although the contract is negotiated, much of the work is left to be done. You will learn how to put a post contract plan in place for the business partner and others in your company will know their responsibilities as well as those of the supplier.

11.0 On-Going Contract Compliance

During the life of the contract, you will need to ensure that both parties are complying to its terms. This includes the ability to know how to measure success and manage any conflicts or issues for both parties.

Our programs are taught by instructors who are acknowledged experts in communication and course content.

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