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Reading and Interpreting Contracts Guide
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Reading and Interpreting Contracts Guide is designed to introduce the contracting process and to create a foundation of contracting skills by explaining the key laws, principles, policies, procedures and roles necessary to read and interpret standard contracts.

The first module, Contract Process, highlights key points of the contracting process that are used to purchase goods and services. The second module, Contracting Law, addresses fundamental business, legal, and technical issues involved in contracting. The module begins by defining what a contract is, sources of prevailing laws, and specifies the elements and characteristics of a quality contract. THe third module, Standard Purchasing Contracts, explore the meaining and specific sections and clauses in contracts.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Contracting Process

  • Introduction
  • The Process
        - Contract Process Summary
        - Business Partner Involvement
        - Contract Planning
        - Contract Development
        - Contract Management
  • Module Summary
  • Selecting the Right Supplier
  • Negotiating the Contract
  • Managing the Contract

    Chapter 2 - Contract Law Basics

  • Introduction
  • Contract Law
  • What Are The Sources of Contract Law?
  • What Should Be Included in a Contract
  • What Happens After a Contract is Signed?
  • Module Summary

    Chapter 3 - Standard Purchasing Contracts

  • Introduction
  • Standard Terms and Conditions
  • Module Summary


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