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Communicating Credibility Guide
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Visions of tomorrow will be impossible to achieve without credibility. In most cases, "establishing credibility" with a customer, colleague, or supplier takes a relatively long period of time. However, unlike the process of establishing credibility that usually takes a substantial amount of time, "losing credibility" may occur instantaneously.

Credibility has become such a significant concept that people are promoted ahead of others because of it, sales are frequently lost because of a lack of it, and long-term business relationships are established because of a mutual appreciation for dimensions of it. It is with this attitude towards credibility that you will be able to truly keep your company on the leading edge competitively, techinically, and ehtically. Each person plays a vital role in achieving this state of excellence. It is from the individual employee's perspective of communicating credibility that this text may be most beneficial.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Credibility Overview
A. Credibility Defined

Chapter 2 - Credibility Through "Propriety"
A. Communicating Propriety
B. Appearance
C. Business Etiquette
D. The Presentation
E. Interpersonal Communications Skills

Chapter 3 - Communicating Professional "Intent"
A. Attitude
B. Versatility
C. Empathy
D. Ethics

Chapter 4 - How To Communicate Professional "Expertise"
A. Audience Analysis
B. Conceptual Communication Tools
C. Laws of Learning & Organizational Structure of Information

Chapter 5 - Presenting Internationally
A. A Cultural Overview
B. Organizing and International Presentation
C. Delivering the International Presentation

1. One-on-One Executive Meetings with Your Customers
2. Presentation Process
3. International Presentation Checklist

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